Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. 
– Muriel Strode

International Links

Here is a list of interesting links relating to birth culture that I like referring to:

  • Birthing from Within – The home of the BFW philosophy
  • Sacred Pregnancy – A deeper connection with your birthing self through exploration and fun
  • Sarah J Buckley – Offers gentle birth, gentle mothering/parenting, the best possible start
  • Michel Odent – Looks at the highly adaptable, vulnerable period inside the womb
  • Gloria Lemay – Birth freedom is an idea whose time has come
  • Midwifery Today – America’s heart and science of birth
  • Birthing the Future – The site about birth activist Suzanne Arms
  • Childbirth Connection – Helping you make informed maternity care decisions
  • Birth psychology – Explore the mental and emotional dimensions of childbearing
  • Dr Jack Newman – Empowering parents with the most up-to-date information to assist them with breastfeeding
  • WHO – World Health Organization guidelines on normal labour and childbirth
  • Kellymom – breast/chest feeding and parenting support
  • ICAN -Preventing unnecesary caesareans through education
  • Choices in Childbirth – Pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, parenting information
  • Spinning babies – Optimal foetal positioning for a better birth
  • DONA – International doula training and preparation
  • La Leche League – breast/chest feeding support, encouragement, information, and education
  • Henci Goer – evidence based maternity care and information

Finnish Links

Here are some Finnish links that are helpful to find local help and support

  • Suomen Doulat – Finnish doula association with helpful information on finding a doula close to you
  • Aktiivinen Synnytys – Active Birth association to empower with information and support
  • Lahden Doulat – A doula group servicing Lahti area
  • Perhe Arte – An independent, private maternity service in Lahti and Helsinki