Full Spectrum/Bereavement Doula

“The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance.”
– Brian Tracy

In addition to my birth doula services I also offer Full Spectrum birth and Bereavement doula care to people across the full range of pregnancy and end of life transition experiences. This includes any trimester miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, adoption, surrogacy and end of life/death transitions.

For many it may be very difficult to talk about this range of experiences. Grief, hope, love, devastation, loss and many other intense emotions may cycle through as someone journey’s on this path. Each person’s journey is unique and personal. Families are also part of this journey and need compassionate and understanding care. You are not alone! A caring and sensitive doula can help support you and hold space with you in this difficult time.

Full spectrum and bereavement doula care focuses on nurturing the individual and their unique experiences and feelings by adding unconditional, nonjudgmental, compassionate support and helping to empower each person with the knowledge they need to move through this time in their life .

I am present to the full cycle of life and death circle, and honouring the different life transitions with a respectful and inclusive attitude. Please contact me for a no obligation meeting to discuss what you need and how I may support you.

What I offer as a Full Spectrum or Bereavement Doula:

– Various meetings to discuss the way forward and answer any questions or help to resolve any doubts
– Discussion around available information and referral to local community resources
– One-on-one personalised support during certain parts or the entire experience
– Emotional support and help with processing the experience
– Exploring physical relaxation and stress relief practices
– Transition to after care where needed
– Advocating around individual’s unique experience with medical staff
– Being present to educate, inform and assist partners/family/friends/support people with their experience

For more information about my work as a full-spectrum birth and bereavement doula, please email me directly so that we may discuss together what support you need to help you through your experience.

I am deeply sorry for whatever has occurred to bring you to seek information from my page, and as a trained and certified bereavement doula and one who has endured loss, I have found that having specific resources can be a huge blessing in times of need. I am here too, to be with you if you so wish.
For extra information the following resources may be useful to you:

Finnish resources:

Lahti based information for help with funeral arrangements with providers in different areas – PHHYKY
Mental health resources after shocking events and depression – Aima.fiMielenterveystalo.fiMielenterveysseura.fi
Family support and information regarding difficult life situations – Hel.fi
Resources and support for late or mid-term miscarriage –Myohainenkeskenmeno.com
Resources for young women/people needing support and counselling for pregnancy, abortion, adoption and other life situations –Vaestoliitto.fi
Information about abortion and resources regarding care and support –Infofinland.fiValvira.fi
A non-govermental organization devoted to providing peer support for families whose child has died –Kapy.fi
Specialised services providing info and support for different life situations –Terveyskyla.fiNaistalo.fi
Finnish adoption and save the children organisation –Pelastakaalapset.fi
Finnish adoption support agency –Adoptioperheet.fi

International resources:

Comprehensive resources to help everyone deal with all kinds of grief – Grief.com
Support prior to, during and after birth in any trimester – StillBirthday
Support for families after a child dies – Compassionate Friends
International Society for the Study and Prevention of Perinatal and Infant Death – ISPID
The International Stillbirth Alliance for stillbirth prevention and improvement of bereavement care worldwide – Stillbirth Alliance
Bereavement support – First Candle
Resources for grieving after child loss or infertility – Standing still magazine
Grieving parents – Grieving parents
Comfort and inspiration for those grieving from a loss – Love loss project
Providing remembrance portraits to parents experiencing the death of a baby – Now I lay me down to sleep