TENS Machine – hire

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Elle II Maternity TENS

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and provides a drug-free kind of pain relief during childbirth. It works by sending low, safe pulses of electrical current via leads to electrode pads which are placed on your back or upper legs and held in place by a gel layer. These pulses pass through your skin and into your muscles and tissues causing a tingling or buzzing feeling. The intensity can be increased or lowered based on your individual needs.

The TENS machine works by preventing pain signals reaching the brain, therefore facilitating the release of your own natural feel-good pain relief call endorphins and offering a distraction from contractions. Many feel more in control and feel less anxious during labour. Rent your unit below.

Rental is 4 weeks starting from when you hire. We recommend getting your unit at 38 weeks so you have the unit whenever labour starts.

The Elle II TENS is very easy to use. There are several pre-set settings to help you set up. The Elle II TENS has the latest Opti-Max technology, which gives an extra pulse of pain combatting power, often used in the final stages of labour. It has an integrated boost button for use during contractions and has a built in contraction timer following the last five contractions. The neck cord allows you to wear it comfortably and be hands free. The Maternity Elle II TENS can also be used in the postpartum for afterbirth pains.