Support Group

“Self-care is not about self-indulgence, it is about self-preservation”
– Audre Lorde

Mother’s/Parent’s Awakening and Exploration Group
A special circle for pregnant and new mothers/parents with babies 0-12 months

Struggling to define yourself as a woman/person and as a mother/parent in today’s overscheduled and over-prejudiced world?
So you’ve changed in ways you never thought possible.
It may be exciting, scary, overwhelming and satisfying all at the same time or perhaps it is just not quite what you expected.

What now?
Where to from here?

Join a powerful mothers’/parent’s movement.

Enhance your emotional well-being and discover how to reclaim, rejuvenate and rebalance your life.
Reconnect with who you are!

Each month you will explore together with other new parents new ways of being.
In a safe and nurturing environment you will explore through structured and casual discussion the following topics that will be a starting point for  sharing and learning:

-Providing Nutrition for your Baby in Awareness ~ uncovering and exploring your assumptions regarding nutrition
– Developing Rhythm and going Beyond Routine ~ exploring what works for you and your baby
– Mother/parenthood and I ~ reconnecting and reconciliating the mother/parent and the woman/person within
– Rediscovering and Growing your Support Circle ~ asking for and receiving the support you need
– Conscious Parenting ~ why we parent the way we do
– The Art of Balance and Harmony ~ how mothering/parenting and professionalism work together

Upcoming Groups

Dates and times:
Last Friday of the month from 12:30-14:30
Please follow on Facebook to be updated or contact me directly

Erviänkatu 60
Riihelä, Lahti
!This group is conducted in a private home where cats are present!

€10.00 per morning and includes nutritious snacks, tea and refreshments

+358 41 492 5887

Rosalia Pihlajasaari
Selected wise women/people from our community will also be invited to talk at special circles