I am currently offering my services through in Lahti and Helsinki.

For a comprehensive breakdown of my fees or to make an appointment please click here to visit their pages.


Mileage and petrol costs are calculated from the centre of Lahti at 0.44€ x km.
Various services and workshops:  
Reiki healing (1h)     50€
Pain coping techniques for birth (2h)   100€
Fear release (2h)   100€
Birth Trauma release (2h)   100€
Optimal fetal positioning advice (1h) includes:
Acupressure, Rebozo, Side lying release, OFP charting, EFT, Pelvic Floor releasing, Polarity, Moxa & visualisations.
Natural induction, (1h) includes:
Acupressure, Rebozo, Aromatherapy, Pelvic Floor Release, EFT, Moxa, Polarity & Visualisations (recommended 2 sessions)
Belly Binding & Closing ceremony after birth at your home, (2-3 hrs)   250€
Belly Binding and rental of belly binding cloth, (4 wks rental)   200€
Blessingway ceremony preparation   150€
Blessingway ceremony facilitation per hour   100€
Childbirth Preparation course (Birthing From Within ™):  
Weekly, group class (demand dependent, 2h x 6weeks)   500€
Weekly, private couple class (2h x 6weeks)   700€
Weekend intensive, group class (demand dependent, 12h)   800€
Weekend intensive, private couple class (12h) 1000€
Online BFW childbirth preparation classes – schedule to be determined upon agreement 500€
Professional doula services:  
Breastfeeding facilitation and support home (1,5h) additional part of or hour (50€) + travel cost (0.44€ x km)    110€
Virtual Birth doula support 900€
Basic doula package (interview, telephonic availability from deposit to birth, various prenatal visit at home, labour and birth, 2 x postnatal visits at home with breastfeeding support) 1200€
Prime doula package (basic doula package + BFW childbirth preparation classes and additional services) 1500€
Stillbirth and bereavement doula services – view this page Love offering