I am currently offering my services through in Lahti and Helsinki.

For a comprehensive breakdown of my fees or to make an appointment please click here to visit their pages.

Mileage and petrol costs are calculated after the first 15 km from my departure from the centre of Lahti.


Various services and workshops:  
Reiki healing (1h)     50€
Pain coping techniques for birth (2h)   100€
Fear release (2h)   100€
Birth Trauma release (2h)   100€
Optimal fetal positioning advice (2 sessions x 1h) includes:
Acupressure, Rebozo, Side lying release, OFP charting, EFT, Pelvic Floor releasing, Polarity, Moxa & visualisations.
Natural induction, (2 sessions x 1h) includes:
Acupressure, Rebozo, Aromatherapy, Pelvic Floor Release, EFT, Moxa, Polarity & Visualisations
Belly Binding & Closing ceremony after birth at your home, (3-5 hrs)   250€
Belly Binding and rental of belly binding cloth, (4 wks rental)   200€
Blessingway ceremony preparation   150€
Blessingway ceremony facilitation per hour   100€
Childbirth Preparation course (Birthing From Within ™):  
Weekly, group class (demand dependent, 2h x 6weeks)   500€
Weekly, private couple class (2h x 6weeks)   700€
Weekend intensive, group class (demand dependent, 12h)   800€
Weekend intensive, private couple class (12h) 1000€
Professional doula services:  
Breastfeeding facilitation and support (1h)     50€
Lite doula care (emergency/quick birth only doula care) 700€
Basic doula package (interview, telephonic availability from deposit to birth, various prenatal visit at home, labour and birth, 2 x postnatal visits at home with breastfeeding support) 1100€
Prime doula package (basic doula package + BFW childbirth preparation classes and additional services) 1500€
Online BFW childbirth preparation classes – schedule to be determined upon agreement 900€
Virtual Birth doula support 1000€
Virtual Breastfeeding support (1hr) 50€
Stillbirth and bereavement doula services – view this page Love offering